Postdoctoral Trainee Statistics

Weill Cornell Medicine, together with Cornell University and nine other U.S. institutions, is a founding member of the Coalition for Next Generation Life Science (CNGLS). The mission of CNGLS is to provide life science trainees with clear, standardized data on graduate school and postdoctoral fellow demographics and outcome metrics. Such transparency is expected to aid prospective trainees as they make career and institution choices.

The other founding members of CNGLS are Johns Hopkins University; Duke University; the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; the University of California, San Francisco; the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; University of Maryland, Baltimore County; the University of Pennsylvania; and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Listed below are annually updated statistics on our postdoctoral scholars:

WCM Postdoctoral Trainee Academic Year 2018

WCM Postdoctoral Trainee Academic Year 2019

WCM Postdoctoral Trainee Academic Year 2020

WCM Postdoctoral Trainee Academic Year 2021

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