Vacation Benefits

 Full-time salaried postdoctoral trainees receive 20 vacation days per year. 

The Vacation policy for postdocs is as follows:

  • The responsibility of maintaining records of vacation rests with the academic department.
  • After one month of work, vacation may be taken as earned, subject to the approval of the department chair and division/subdepartment head.
  • Ten (10) working days of accrued vacation may be carried over to the next year.
    • Vacation accrued during the July-June period may be taken through August 31.
    • Any carry over beyond August 31 of more than 10 days from the earlier July-June period must be approved in advance by the department chair.
    • Prior approval of the chair is necessary for further carry over, to a maximum of thirty (30) days.
    • Vacation cannot extend salary payments beyond the term of appointment. Thus, any accrued vacation time should be taken before the effective date of the end of the appointment.

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