Benefits and Leave Policies

The Weill Cornell Medicine Benefits Guide, which you should receive at Onboarding from Human Resources, provides a general overview of our employee plans and programs. Note that Weill Cornell Medicine benefits vary slightly between staff members, postdoctoral associates and faculty. As a postdoctoral associate, you are eligible to participate in most of the benefits described in the PDF icon 2024 Benefits Guide. Some of the key differences are displayed below.

BenefitKey DifferenceMore Information
Faculty & Exempt Retirement PlanPostdoctoral associates do not participate in the Faculty & Exempt Retirement Plan. Note that you are eligible to participate in the Voluntary Employee Retirement Plan (VERP).

PDF icon VERP Information

Non-Exempt & Frozen Retirement PlanPostdoctoral associates do not participate in the Retirement Plans that include a contribution from Weill Cornell. Please see the 'Retriement' section of the Benefits Guide.

Refer to the Benefits Guide

VacationFull-time postdoctoral associates receive twenty vacation days per year. Unused vacation time can be carried over to the following year for a maximum of thirty days. Vacation for part-time associates is prorated.

Postdoctoral Policies

Short-Term Disability CoveragePostdoctoral associates are covered under the Salary Continuance Policy instead of this benefit. Salary continuance provides 50% of your salary for up to three months while seeking treatment or care for your own serious health condition.

Refer to the Academic Staff Handbook

Employee Tuition Reimbursement ProgramsAcademic employees who hold an M.D. or Ph.D. are not eligible to participate in the Tuition Reimbursement Programs or other programs under the 'Tution' category in the Benefits Guide.

Refer to the Benefits GuidePDF icon wcm_2024_benefits_guide.pdf

Family & Medical LeavePostdoctoral associates are eligible under particular conditions for paid Academic Family and Maternity leave. 

Refer to  Family & Medical Leave

You have 31 days to enroll in your health insurance benefits—don’t forget!

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