Career Development Committee


Career Development Committee Chairs

David Falvo (, Amandine Aka (

The Career Development Committee was formed to provide the Weill Cornell Medicine Postdoc community with resources necessary to transition from their training title to a permanent position either in an academic setting or elsewhere. We are here to provide guidance, career support and opportunities to network with fellow postdocs, alumni and professional individuals through in person or online events. 

The career development committee is currently working on:

  • Planning monthly Panel discussions on various career options for Life Science PhDs

  • Organizing Resume and Cover letter workshops

  • Arranging networking and career oriented gathering sessions

  • Shaping a Postdoc Alumni list and developing a potential referral system

  • TRI-I Career Symposium 2021 

We work closely across TRI institutions and are looking forward to enhancing our collaborative efforts with Tri-I Biotech, Tri-I Consulting club, Bio Venture eLab, GRO Biotech and other organizations providing career development resources in our community.

Note from former Committee Chair Tina:

"What I enjoy the most about chairing the Career Development Committee is the sense of service I get providing my community with information on their options. I get to connect and interact with professionals outside of the lab and grow my network considerably. Organizing events and collaborating with other clubs and committees in the Tri-I had given me so much joy and had improved my communication and organizational skills considerably. At the end of the day, to be successful and effective in any career, you would need accurate and ample technical and social skills alongside a diverse network of professionals which you have made meaningful relationships with. I believe being involved with the Career Development committee has been instrumental to my growth and prospective career trajectory.”

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