Postdoctoral Association Leadership

The PDA is led by two Co-Presidents. Their responsibilities include leading and aiding initiatives developed by the PDA committees. In addition, they prepare the monthly PDA Board meetings (agenda, calendar, reminders), contact incoming postdocs and maintain PDA listservs.

Our current Co-Presidents are Drs Sahar Jalal & Marie Parsons.


Sahar Jalal  (

Note from Sahar:

"Being the PDA co-president is a great opportunity to engage with the postdoc community and provide a better environment for all. I started my time with the PDA as the chair and co-founder of the anti-discrimination committee, advocating against discrimination in the workplace, educating ourselves and our community on issues related to implicit bias and explicit bigotry to create a safe space for all. As the PDA co-president, my goal is to work with and for the postdocs, to promote a sense of community, continue to foster the relationships we’ve built, and create new ones. The postdoc journey, while rewarding, is not easy, and the pandemic has made it even harder. We all come from different walks of life and even though our individual experiences are different, I promise to do my best to make sure that everyone has a voice."


Marie Parsons (

Note from Marie:

“Being president of the PDA and advocating on behalf of the broader postdoc community is a huge honor. I hope to use this opportunity to continue voicing the concerns of postdocs to build the best environment to nurture postdoc development.  I am passionate about fostering a strong community amongst the post docs at WCM to provide the best experience during this pivotal time in our careers. Being the PDA president has allowed me to engage with many postdocs whom I would not have met to help their experience at WCM. In addition, I believe the responsibilities associated with being the PDA president are shaping me into a well-rounded leader and mentor.”

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