Anti-discrimination Committee


Anti-discrimination Committee Chairs: 

Mohammad (Arif) Arifuzzaman (, Hiroshi Yano ( and Shadi Azam (

As the Anti-Discrimination committee, we recognize that discrimination is rampant in and outside of academia, that it is causing undue pain and serious hurdles to members of our community. To that end, the Anti-Discrimination Committee aims to fight against discriminatory attitudes in ourselves, in our institution, and in our research settings, to allow everyone to breathe the same air of equity and freedom. We believe that these efforts are the responsibility of everyone in the community, starting with the awareness of everyday implicit biases and microaggressions, to the implementation of better institutional policies and safeguards.

The mission of the PDA’s Anti-Discrimination Committee is to advocate and to educate ourselves and each other on issues related to discriminations, micro- and macro-aggressions, implicit biases and explicit bigotries. Additionally, our goal is to implement a safe space for people to share their experiences of discrimination, voice their pains/frustrations, and be heard by the community. Our duty is to hold ourselves and our institution accountable for any discriminatory words, behaviors, and policies.

The Anti-Discrimination Committee welcomes all postdocs at Weill Cornell Medicine to join the team.


Note from Sahar:

One of the most engaging aspects of the work done by the anti-discrimination committee is the connection we make between policies and behaviors in our academic bubble to the “outside” world. Systemic discrimination works at various levels, ranging from racist policies to every-day micro-aggressions. Being able to have a platform where we can react to it, fight against it, in and outside of Weill Cornell, organize and create a safe space for our community truly makes a difference.`

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