Prior to Arrival

Timeline for Postdoctoral Trainees

•  Appointment letter

•  Onboarding

•  Orientation (0 – 1 month)

•  Probationary review (3 months)

•  Annual appraisal (9 months)

•  Yearly renewal of term-appointment (12 months)

•  Departure date if not reappointed (12 months)

•  Duration as a postdoc (5 years)

In order to prepare for a smooth transition to Weill Cornell Medicine we suggest addressing the following prior to arrival:

Determine the Cost of Living in New York City. There are several websites which can assist you in this calculation. It is strongly recommended that you have funds available to cover at least one month of living expenses until you receive your first salary payment. Salary is paid twice a month.

Start the search for housing. It is strongly recommended that you apply for housing as early as possible (at least 60 days prior to arrival) as availability is limited. The Housing Office will review your application and place you on the waitlist. If they anticipate that they will not be able to place you in Weill Cornell housing before your start date, they will help you secure alternative accommodations.

Application Process

1. Request a Housing Application: After you receive your formal offer letter, ask your new Department Administrator or Principal Investigator to provide you with a Postdoctoral Associate Housing Application. (Your department must fill out the first part of the application.)

2. Complete the application and collect paperwork: Fill out your portion of the application, and if you plan to reside with any family members, collect copies of any required paperwork (e.g. marriage license, birth certificate, etc.).

3. Submit your application to the Housing Office at Please submit your application as soon as possible after you receive your formal offer letter.