Bereavement Policy

A salaried academic staff member may be excused with pay for up to three days absence due to a death in the family. (Family, for these purposes, includes parent, spouse's parent, husband, wife, daughter, son, sister, brother, son-in-law, daughter-in law, live-in member or other close relative of the household.)

When it becomes necessary for an academic staff member to be absent from campus for a longer period due to a death, the department chair should be notified and, if necessary, the chair will consult the Dean to ensure that the employee’s academic obligations are met during the absence. Absences for an extended period should be handled as Leaves of Absence (Leaves and Termination of Appointment).

Individuals needing time off to attend funeral observances for relatives not designated above would need to take a vacation day or day without pay for these purposes.

Additional time off will not be granted if a death in the family occurs while the employee is on vacation, disability leave or other absence.

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