Postdocs at Weill Cornell contribute to the acdemic and operational success of the school through their representation on the General Faculty Council, by creating initiatives and fostering relationships with postdocs from other NYC institutions. 



The role of the diversity council is to introduce and integrate various diversity initiatives across Weill Cornell Medicine, while serving as a platform where all employees, trainees and students can voice their concerns. Sahar Jalal ( is the postdoc representative in the WCM Diversity Council and she is happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.


General Faculty Council

Representation on the WCM General Faculty Council provides the WCM Postdoc community with a bridge to the PDA’s faculty-level counterpart. This ensures that the WCM Postdoc community remains visible to WCM’s leadership and gets a voice in important decisions. Contact our current representative Peter Hámor ( if you have any questions/concerns or for more information.

Our representative is currently working on:

  • Joint survey on housing and childcare concerns for faculty and postdocs
  • Equitably updating the WCM CV system


New York City Postdoc Coalition (NYCPC)

We represent the Weill Cornell Medicine postdocs in the New York City Postdoc Coalition, which is, like the name explains, a city-wide initiative to advocate for postdocs in New York City. By comparing housing options, benefits and training opportunities, we strive for an optimal living and working experience for all postdocs in NYC. The NYCPC is always looking for new people who are interested in advocation for a wide range of topics on a cross-institutional level & would like to join the team. Feel free to contact Jeroen Bastiaans (  if you have any questions. Follow the NYCPC on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date!


Postdoc Parents

The postdoc association advocates for those postdocs who have children. The WCM Postdoc Parent group is a self-supporting group which has a way to connect online. This enables them to meet other postdoc parents, to discuss common issues, ask for suggestion, set up play dates, exchange toys and clothing and/or babysit each other’s children so you can have a great night out. Contact Jeroen Bastiaans ( if you have any questions or would like to be added to the group.


WCM Green Labs Initiative

Through the Advocacy Committee the Postdoc Association represents the WCM Postdoc Community in the WCM Green Labs Initiative, to support sustainability. Our collective goal is to increase awareness of the waste production by ourselves and our colleagues in the labs, to introduce environment-friendly alternatives, to promote recycling & energy saving options. Reach out to Juan Rodriguez Alcazar ( for more information, tips, suggestions, or if you want to be part of the Green Team! See here for more information.






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