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Postdoc Green Team

Since the 1800s, human activities are considered the main driver of climate change, which accounts for long-term shifts of temperatures and weather patterns. These changes severely damage ecosystems and ultimately put in danger our health and well-being.

As such, we are every day becoming more and more aware of the need to implement additional environmental-friendly practices in our lifestyle to protect not only ourselves but also the upcoming generations. The good news is we can implement eco-friendly actions in our day-to-day life at work and thus contribute to the protection of the planet from our bench.

We encourage postdocs at WCM on this day to think about the measures that you and your lab can adopt to become more respectful with the environment. As a little help, we share with you small gestures that can help your lab become greener:

  •  Talk about it: discuss with your lab members about waste reduction, recycling as well as actions and procedures that will help saving energy.
  •  Spread the word: post sustainability reminders in the labs, offices, and common areas.
  • Get informed: have a clear overview of the chemicals used in your lab, their environmental footprint, and the proper way to dispose them.


Become active and reduce energy waste:

  • Keep fume hoods closed when they are not being used.
  • Shut down computers and instrumentation after using them.
  • Turn off lights in empty spaces.
  • Optimize running the autoclave by teaming up with neighbor labs and filling it up in every run.


Consume less, reuse more:

Limit ordering materials to once or twice a week and save in shipping energy.


Give objects you don’t need a second life:

  • Donate undamaged and clean ice packs to groups like ‘Meals on Wheels’.
  • Re-use styrofoam boxes.


If it cannot used anymore, then dispose it correctly:

  • Separate waste in different bins in the labs, offices, and common areas.
  • Avoid using battery powered devices, and if necessary, place used batteries into recycling containers.
  • Dispose empty tip boxes into recycling bins.


Bike more, drive less:

  • Ride your bike or Citi Bike to come to work.
  • Alternatively, use public transportation rather than your own vehicle.


In the meantime, the WCM PDA Green Lab Team will be advocating for WCM wide implementations of environmentally friendly options and alternatives. If you want to learn more or join the WCM PDA Green Lab Team, do not hesitate to contact Juan Rodriguez Alcazar (

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs 1300 York Ave, Suite A-139 New York, NY 10065 Phone: