Postdoctoral Position in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Evolution

A Postdoctoral Associate position is available in the Nowak Laboratory at the Meyer Cancer Center of Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City ( This position entails working on a project that focuses on the evolutionary aspects of prostate cancer (PCa) metastases. We are using innovative cancer models to explore the events leading to metastasis, with a focus on both fundamental and translational research in PCa. This project aims to identify alterations causing PCa to spread to other tissues by tracking the metastatic clones as they develop, both in the presence and absence of therapy. By identifying genes and pathways that cause PCa to spread and colonize different organs, our project is designed to find new, vital drug targets previously missed by traditional methods of identification to treat advanced forms of metastatic PCa. The Postdoctoral Associate will work on research projects that involve an understanding of signaling pathways regulated by genomic alterations in cancer metastasis using CRISPR/Cas9 and shRNA-based mouse models, organoids, next-generation sequencing technologies (genomics & transcriptomics) and molecular biology approaches.

Job Requirements

The person for this position should have a Ph.D. in cancer biology, genomics or molecular biology. The ideal candidate should have a strong track record and extensive lab experience in molecular biology skills, including cell culture and functional cancer assays. Prior experience with next-generation sequencing techniques and analysis is highly desirable. Previous experience with cancer mouse models is not required and appropriate training will be delivered. A background in cancer evolution would be beneficial but is not required.


Dawid G. Nowak, Ph.D.

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs 1300 York Ave, Suite A-139 New York, NY 10065 Phone: