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2019 Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program

Women, underrepresented minorities, and others from underrepresented groups are highly encouraged to apply for the Hanna Gray Fellows Program from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. 

Program Overview for Postdoctoral Training Phase


New Funding Updates and Opportunities

All new funding opportunities have been posted to the research website. To see these opportunities as well as previously advertised opportunities, please view Open Submission Grants.

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The path that could not be taken.

From a recent survey by Nature, approximately half of the grad students who responded wanted an academic job. Unfortunately, only a significantly smaller perceentage of these grad students will acheive their goal. An editorial suggests they...

What are you worth?

Postdoc stipends vary signifcantly accross the U.S. That was one of the conclusions by Gary McDowell of Future of Research from a recent survey of postdoc stipends. From his data that Dr. McDowell found that ~80% of postdoc stipends ranged from $...

Can you take your research project to your new faculty position?

A critical question is often asked when interviewing for an academic faculty position –

Will your current research be the basis of your research at our intuition? Indeed, your stellar research was an important factor in being selected to...

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